Why Buy A Sony Playstation?

by : Koz Huseyin

Long gone are those times when the flatness and basic graphics of Pac Man came to existence in the 1980's. Today the gaming console has made major breakthroughs in gaming. A look at the Sony Playstation may just seem like a black box, but there is so much benefit to buying a Sony Playstation.

If you don't have much recollection of the 1980's, thinking about what kind of games were available and the consoles around you may not remember them. The 1980's had so few gaming consoles. There was the Atari's with there cartridge games. There was those Commodore 64's. There was also a lot of other type of consoles, but a lot of them you had to make yourself! This was not like a Mechano kit, it took some understanding. And to further that, there were a limited range of games.

Nintendo came in and demolished the competition. Here you had the original Nintendo gaming system, and after a few years in came the SNES. Games improved and were great; however, the games only resembled the arcade genre. Though it was great to have, and you did not have to go to the arcade to play, it just couldn't catch up to what was happening with the computers being released.

Sony has always been an innovator of technology. Sony brought us the Walkman, which Sony invented. Looking at today, the iPod is based on the Walkman and its portability. When Sony said they were releasing a gaming console which would be like having a PC, but with supreme graphics, a lot of people wanted one.

The PS1 was released and became an instant hit, as I am sure you are aware. Selling 100's of millions of units worldwide is the major reason games companies have produced games for the Sony PlayStation. However, this was not enough. The computers available were getting faster.

In came PS2 and this made major breakthroughs in graphics. Finally we now have the Sony PlayStation 3 or PS3. This gaming console is more like a PC than any other Sony PlayStation that came before. A PS3 has many features that make it worth buying.

For example with gaming, there are thousands of games available for the Sony PlayStation, and the backward compatibility is great at allowing you to play existing games on.

The Sony PlayStation 3 also allows you to play online with multiplayer. So, even if it is 3am in the morning, and you don't have anyone to play with, you can put the game on and play online! This feature really makes the Sony PlayStation a great feature to have. You don't have to go to your PC only to play games online.

Even if you are not a major game buff, a Sony PlayStation 3 can be beneficial in many other ways. You can play DVD movies, and also play your CD's on the PS3. The PlayStation can be considered an entertainment device rather than a gaming console anymore.

Sony has put a lot of effort into producing an entertainment device which meets the needs of people in these changing times. With the amount of games and the features available, the Sony PlayStation can go great as part of a home theatre system.