Which Hdtv Should You Buy?

by : Waiman Yau

What You Need to Know About HDTV

If you are reading this then I presume that you are either interested in HDTV's or are thinking of purchasing one. Think no more, make the switch now! You might ask why would you want to change your old television set for a HDTV? Well, the main reason is that an old television set does not have digital superiority, and HDTV's are gorgeous to look at!

With HDTV's, digital superiority is one of their many features. The difference is particularly evident when viewing movies. The details are crystal clear and when it focuses on a certain item, that item seems to be magnified for you, as if it is really in front of you.

HDTV's also feature progressive scanning and digital audio. It is completely balanced. You cannot really enjoy the full cinematic viewing experience if the sound is not really clear. Well, there's no need to worry there. With the digital technology, the audio makes you feel as if you are really there, right in the thick of the action.

There are also no more ghost images. By ghost images, we are talking about a certain blur on the things you watch on TV that makes them look like they are ghosts. These can be highly annoying but are a thing of the past with HDTV. You can also watch DVDs in a much better way and with greater satisfaction because HDTV's have a better quality DVD playback.

Common television sets are based on the aspect ratio of four to three (4:3). This ratio means that the television can be measured with an approximation of its height of three feet, and a width of four feet.

However, the aspect ratio of an HDTV is, drumroll please, a whopping sixteen is to nine (16:9). This makes the image an HDTV gives out much much wider! In fact, the screen size of an HDTV is thirty three percent wider!

The width that is increased indicates a huge improvement since it permits you to view tv sitcoms and movies that you like, as if you were watching them in the cinema, just minus the loud snoring guy behind you and the couple that never seem to gasp for air in their kissing spree in front of you!

Just in case you do not know, when you are watching whatever it is that you are watching on a 16:9 screen, you are actually making use of your peripheral vision. The utility of your peripheral vision will definitely make you feel like you are part of the program that you are watching.

The director of ABC's Monday night football, Norm Samat, did a feed about HDTV. And she vouched for the wonder that HDTV's can bring. She said that once you look at the pictures on your HDTV, you would seem like you entered a sort of trance because you actually see more than what is really shown!

Now in terms of football, the sixteen is to nine (16:9) aspect ratio makes a big difference. In the old four to three (4:3) aspect ratio, it was often a very tricky to have all of the action covered on one screen. On a HDTV, they are already in your picture, so you can actually get to see more of the play, and also more of the development of the play.

In conclusion, HDTV is the future and is becoming increasingly popular and commonplace. This also brings a final problem. With new technology comes confusion as to what system you need exactly. With HDTV sets costing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, it is well worth ensuring that you read up what you are buying to ensure that you get the right system for you and not waste your hard earned money! This is where a HDTV Buyers Guide comes in useful. You can get a free HDTV buyers report at: