Cell Phones VS Landline Phones

by : Tamara Williams

Its hard to get by now days without having a phone they have become an intergrated part of society and if we don't have one at home we feel disconnected from others. Over the years phones have advanced in leaps and bounds and nearly every family today owns a phone and even more specifically a cell phone. There are now many affordable family packages available where each person can get their own for a one time low price and then they can all pull from the same amount of minutes each month. The question remains though, is the cell phone better to have than a landline phone?

Landline phones are pretty straightforward they are phones that usually are not carried around and you find them mainly in homes, and businesses. Cell phones are more for people who are on the go, the ability to be able to make a phone call at any time from any place has saved countless lives specially people who have been in car accidents. There are many advantages to owning a cell phone from staying connected, safety reasons and general convenience, but is that enough reason?

Owning one can get expensive as you now have an extra monthly bill to pay unless of course you go with the " pay-as-you-go " cell phones or otherwise known as top up phones. These are great for teenagers who cant control how much they use their phone. You certainly don't want to end up with a large phone bill at the end of the month. Pay as you go phones allow you to control the amount of money you spend. You simply go into your local phone store hand over like $5 or $10 and they give you a card, you dialup the number punch in the access code and wala.. You now have minutes. Once it runs out you have to go get another. There is no way you can over spend unless you spend all your time hanging out close to a phone shop.

When it comes to landlines vs cell phones. Landlines cant compete when it comes to features the mobile phone is way ahead when it comes to that. The downside to cell phones though is you have to keep them charged where as a landline you don't.

When it comes down to it the deciding factor is going to be your budget if you really don't have money to spare each month, dishing out for a phone isn't going to be very helpful but if you have an extra $10 and you feel you could use a cell phone for convenience or maybe to stay in touch with your wife or husband while your out, then you might want to consider the pay as you go option.