Whats 200 Words Have To Do With Your Computer?

by : Maria Marsala

When I worked on Wall Street, I considered a
move from one type of bond department to a new type of
department. Even though I had been successful in the
industry for 7 years, I was still afraid I that I wouldn't
know how to be successful in my new department. Then I spoke
with one of the other traders, George Adelle, who was also
moving to the new department, about my fears. He said I'd do
fine... I'd just need to learn some new words and a
different way to do the math on this security. This
conversation forced me to think and what I ended up
realizing was that all that separates one thing from another
is learning 200 new words! That's not only true for
securities... it's true for so many things in life.

Take computers. They come with 200 new words you need to
learn. Using email means learning a list of 200 acronyms.
Each new program comes with its own 200 words to learn.
Actually each new "thing" in life seems to come with its own
200 words! Next time you're about to stress out as you learn
something new, remember... its just 200 new words!

Use the resources below to learn the meanings of any
words or acronyms you come across as you learn more about
your computer.

Common Acronyms www.coachmaria.com/articles/acronyms.html
Web Acronyms www.ucc.ie/info/net/acronyms/acro.html
Acronym Finder http://www.acronymfinder.com/
Computer and Internet Technology Dictionary
Internet Dictionary www.netlingo.com
Meta Tag Dictionary http://vancouver-webpages.com/META/
Dictionary and Thesaurus www.dictionary.com