10 Tips for Visitor Friendly Copywriting

by : Bei Maniago

Copywriting is a major factor in search engine optimization (SEO). To make sure that your pages will have excellent ranking, you should come up with an excellent copy that appeals not just to search engines, but to visitors as well. The search engines may bring you lots of traffic, but then is the site convincing enough to convert your leads and potential customers? This can be made possible through strategic, skillful and visitor friendly copywriting.

Home Page Design

Visitors usually have short attention spans. They quickly search for information that is relevant and interesting for them. Thus, your main page is your most important tool. This is where most of your leads would start, so make sure that this page catches their attention. It is also best to design your home page such that they can find all the information that they need easily.

Your home page design should include the services you provide and the major benefits of your product. Do away with lengthy texts, use hyperlinks for detailed information. Make sure that the "order" or "purchase" button is accessible for your visitors.

Copywriting for Maximum Conversion

Your website copy should come from a customer's viewpoint. Your search terms should be very strategic so that they emphasize the benefits and the edge your product provides. Here are some very useful tips for a visitor friendly copy:

1. Carefully brainstorm the benefits of your products. Prioritize them and present them as a problem-solving scenario. Also, additional feature pages should be available as a hyperlink to support the product benefits.

2. Come up with a very compelling headline that grabs attention and emphasizes your benefits.

3. Always use the active voice and take advantage of powerful words.

4. Make sure that you differentiate your company and your services from that of your competitors'.

5. Use customer testimonials. These are great, convincing tools to draw more conversions.

6. Establish your company's credibility. Post achievements such as awards and company trust lists. You can use the "About Us" section to include these into your company description.

7. Remember to be precise with the action that you desire. Ask for the customer to purchase. Call them to action.

8. The order form page is very vital. Make sure that it is free from any flaws or potential problems.

9. It is good to create an impression that the site is customer friendly and accessible from wherever the customer concerned is. Use the "Contact Us" page and write down all channels by which these visitors may get in touch with you through.

10. As soon as you are certain that your final copy is visitor friendly, it will then be easy to come up with meta tags that will help maximize your search engine rankings. Note that the two most important tags are the Title and Meta Description Tags.

Your title tag should use convincing words and should start with important keywords. To ensure good visibility, use the sentence case. Also, never use your keyword phrase twice in a single title tag.

Your meta description tag is often used as site description by search engines. Thus, this part should be compelling and attractive to potential customers. There should be strategic keywords included in this page.

Remember that good search engine optimization works hand in hand with visitor friendly copywriting for online ventures to succeed. All these should entail a good SEO strategy, excellent copywriting and user friendly site navigation.