Copywriting Tips

by : Jeremy Long Chia Teik

How do you write an extremely powerful headline and content body for your online marketing campaign? Have you ever wondered why some marketers sell very well and easily their products or services? There's no secret whatsoever for their success. It is simply due to great copywriting! Below are great copywriting tips that will help you to write effectively.

For your online marketing campaign, it is important that you draft a marketing copy that bears a catchy name and has a headline of about 10-25 words to describe it. The sole purpose for this is to lure traffic to your website i.e. to initiate or increase your subscribers' list. Remember that your list must have a name which should preferably be tied to your niche product or service. Another important point is that your headline must stand out prominently i.e. it must grab readers' attention immediately.

There are various ways a powerful attention-grabbing headline can be formulated. It is recommended that words denoting "power" be used . This is because there is this need to alert readers to your headline and immediately grab their attention to read on. Furthermore, such "power" words will impact readers to take immediate action. Several "power" words that can be used to grab attention include secrets, success, proven, unleash, power, guaranteed, and free, just to name a few.

Besides usage of "power" words, it is also recommended that power phrases be used to support the power of "power" words. Examples of such power phrases include "success is guaranteed", "proven strategies that work", " unleash your inner power", and many others. Such a strategy will further enhance the success of your marketing campaign. You just have to put in more "punch power" in your headline!

What's the key to success in copywriting, you may ask? It is not difficult to the extent that it is unachievable. Let me assure you that writing your marketing copy is actually quite easy and straightforward. If there is a product or service to be sold online, much homework regarding what niche product or service to sell, what target market to reach to, how to aggressively fine-tune promotional strategies, and how to close readily your visitors, all these should have had been planned at the outset of the marketing campaign. There is only the need to stay confident in your product or service, put your belief that this campaign is the on the right track, and importantly, be able to answer positively to online queries.

It must be clear that the intention on your marketing copy is essentially drawing the interest of the visitors. We must not be mistaken that the direction of the copy is not towards sales-pitching. We have to first of all stimulate the interest of the reader to what the product or service can potentially do, as shown by the "power" words in the headline. So it is our intention to attract or lure visitors and then to close in on their wallets. It just cannot be the other way around.

Another copywriting tip is that you do not use too much of "power" words though they are stressed as important and will contribute to effectiveness of your headline. Too much of anything in general is not going to be pleasing to the visitor. It will do more harm than good. Use "power" words in moderation to achieve the ideal impact upon the visitor. Last but not least, do not put all your "power" words in bold. It will turn out to be irritating and unsightly. It will turn off the visitors in no time.

That said, copywriting should pose no headaches whatsoever even if you are new to writing. The aforementioned copywriting tips should be the mentor for your copywriting.