Everything youve been told about copy writing is wrong!

by : Tonyhetherington

Whether you have a website to launch, an ebook to publish, or affiliate scheme to promote website copy writing is one of the most essential skills to have. If you're promoting anything online you will need to create compelling copyto form articles, press releases and website content. But they've been hiding the truth from you!

They say you need a copy writer to create your content - they are wrong! Giving control of all your website content is a terrible thing to do. Althought the copy make be technically good it will be missing one essential ingredient - you, your passion and your knowledge!

They say creating a great sales page is important - they are wrong! Creating great copy for your website is absolutely essential and goes far beyond the sales page. To build long term success you need fantastic content. Whether you have an ebook to sell, website to launch or affiliate scheme to promote you need to write interesting and compelling copy - copy that will form blog entries, articles, forum posts, press releases and website content. Even if you focus totally on pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords you still need to create winning adverts and persuasive landing pages or your sales will be lost.

They say you won't understand - they are wrong! If you refuse to struggle with their 300 page stale text books or heavy academic courses, don't hire a copy writer, don't let pencil heads and grammarians worry or undermine your confidence you can and will succeed through simple, practical step-by-step lessons.

They don't want you to know how to write so that you keep going back to them.

When have you ever heard a copywriter say "You know far more about your business then I ever will." or "I'll do this first one so you can do the rest." That's this secret conspiracy at work! I doubt that there's an official HQ or conspiracy to bring together the copy writers and grammarians but it's just as effective.

Never! Not a chance. They want to keep you right where you are and bill you again and again knowing that you'll never realise how easy it can be to create your own copy, or that you're the best person to do it.

Here instead are four rules for creating great website content that both your human visitors and the search engines will love. 1. Don't hire a copy writer - it is your voice and opinions that your customer wants to hear. 2. Create a unique bond - use your passion, knowledge and experience to build a unique trust between you and your customer. 3. Deal with their issues - By tackling their issues, fears and frustrations you can actually change your customers into rapid fans. 4. Finally, the biggest one - solve their problems and they'll come back for more.