Master Yourself With The Art Of Writing Copy

by : Jo Han Mok

Writing effective copy for your website involves more than just writing a letter to your potential customers. To be successful, you need to compel your visitors to take action. Here are some of the top ways to write website copy that will bring you what matters most- SALES! Here's what you can do:

- Spend time crafting a great Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is the thing you offer that makes you different from everyone else in your industry. It may be your guarantee, your bonuses, your method of doing business... whatever it is, make sure your customers know it! Many companies have been very successful at making their USP their company tagline. Take Domino's pizza for example- "made-to-order hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less- guaranteed" is their USP and also the tagline that made them into one of the largest and most successful pizza chains in North America.

- Always include a powerful PS. You can use this valuable space to reiterate an offer or guarantee that you have made, restate the strongest benefits, give your contact information or even to offer an extra bonus for a fast response. Studies have shown that people often read the PS area before the actual letter, especially when it stands out. When testing your sales copy be sure to test different PS's to find the one that works best with your prospects.

- Use deadlines to create a sense of urgency. For example, "If you purchase X by midnight on December 15, we will also throw in a ..." is a good way to let customers know that they need to buy now or they'll be missing out. Make sure that you enforce your deadlines, or your customers will stop feeling that sense of urgency that you are trying to stir within them. People react to deadlines -and the closer the deadline to the time of their initial visit- the better.

Not all sales copy is created equal. Ask any online retailer and they will most likely tell you that they tried several versions of their sales letter before finding one that really works. Here's your chance to learn from their mistakes! Use these copywriting tips to craft compelling copy.

No longer will you have to work for hours to find just the right words for your website. The copywriting tips above take the guesswork out of effective copywriting. If you take some time to update your current copy - or to write new copy using what you have learned - you just may be amazed at the results.