5 Endorsement Marketing Secrets

by : Peter Fogel

I am still amazed that some marketers (not you of course, other marketers) don't use endorsement marketing or don't use it to its fullest capabilities.

Endorsement marketing (as you probably know) is having famous or reputable people recommend your product or service to others. They could be celebrities, star athletes, musicians, etc. For a real impact, choose people that are related to your business and might actually use your product or service.

1. Make no mistake. Before asking anyone for an endorsement, be sure your product or service gives the results you say it does. The celebrity may ask you to prove it before they will agree to give an endorsement.

When Ray Romano agreed to give me a blurb-he first asked to read my book. (Yes, I shamelessly name dropped just now.)

2. Once you find the ideal person to endorse your product or service simply contact them and ask. When proposing any endorsement deal, make it a win/win situation. Tell them you would get the endorsement and they would get free publicity. (I've used this technique time and time again-and usually they are more than happy to do it.)

3. If they're selling a product or service, you could exchange endorsements (viral and affiliate marketing at its finest). If they ask for a fee, try to give them a percentage of the profits instead. (In business, you don't get what you deserve... you get what you negotiate.)

4. Once you get an endorsement from someone, use it on all your advertising and marketing material. Put their endorsement and picture on your Web site. Use their testimonial in your ads. Include it on your product packages. (Have you not seen Fran Tarketon doing this for Tony Robbins and vice a versa?)

5. Realize an endorsement can increase your sales fast. It gives credibility to your product or service.

The truth is this: People will usually believe a person that's not related to your business before they will believe you.