Is it Possible to Get a Government Grant to Start a Business?

by : Court Tuttle

When starting a business, the money you need to get it started, and the money you will need to make it work is going to be difficult to come by. Starting out on your own, especially with no entrepreneur experience in the past, will make it even more difficult to get the show on the road. Still, you perhaps have always had the dream of running your own business and becoming your own boss, and you are willing to work for it.

Even though you are committed to getting your business on its feet, you are not quite sure you want to wait for several years to start your business, which would probably be how long it would take you to accumulate the money you would need, and still live. Saving money is so difficult because there is always a need for it and a temptation to take it out of savings and spend it on other things that you may need immediately for emergencies. Still, it may not be such a bad idea.

Perhaps, in your wonderment about how you will get the money you need to start your business, you have considered the government grants you have heard advertised on the TV. Well, as glamorous and as easy as it sounds, getting a government grant for a small business is nearly impossible, especially if you are starting out with nothing. Applying for these types of free money offers can also cost you money, even if you do not get the grant itself.

When applying for a grant, there are often fees attached to that application. Like paying for a book that will give you all the information you need to get a government grant, and paying people money because they tell you that it is normal for them to charge you for filling out an application. Things like this hardly ever work, and those who do get the grant have to go through a lot of extra expenses and a lot of difficult obstacles before they even get the money.

Getting a grant to start a business is extremely difficult, almost to the point where it is not even worth it. It can also take you an extremely long time to apply for all these grants, and in the end, you could very likely end up with nothing in the end anyway. In all honesty, the alternatives to applying for government grants are much simpler and more reliable. At least, if you save your money or take out a loan, you know you are actually going to get the money rather than just hoping on a shot in the dark.

In all reality, the best way you can get the money you need is by saving it up yourself. If you can't stand to wait that long, get a small business loan. They're much easier to get and, though free money would've been nice, saving up or getting a loan will give you the satisfaction of paying for your business all by yourself.