Make Way For A New Freelance Writer

by : Scott Lindsay

The avenues for successfully publishing everything from articles to short stories, poetry to how-to articles and inspirational thoughts to web content has never been more impressive.

Perhaps the greatest struggle for web writers is defining the opportunities that best suit their individual tastes and level of comfort.

For some, the advent of freelance bidding sites has been a help in locating opportunities the writer may feel especially qualified for. The struggle with this approach is that bidding sites often see bids for as little as a dollar per article. For many writers this is a disrespectful price for their work.

However, if a client can receive work at this price in a bid process they may believe it to be a cost effective way to gain content at a price that is generally below their budgeted amount for the project.

What often happens is articles purchased at these cutthroat prices are often completed by off shore freelancers that may not have a complete grasp on the American English language and may not be equipped to write an article with the correct vernacular.

In many cases these articles need revisions. The individual who purchased the articles is then left with three choices.

1. Refuse payment because the articles were not up to standard.

2. Revise the material personally.

3. Pay a second party to provide copyediting services.

Those who seek content often find it is still cheaper to pay the extra for copyediting services than to pay a higher fixed amount for original writing from other services. However, for some this scenario creates a bit of a nightmare and may ultimately require the payment of a secondary writer to meet their writing objectives by writing entirely new content.

Many companies seeking quality content are more than happy to pay a higher amount if they locate a writer that can deliver timely content in a manner that is largely error-free.

Much of the income a freelance writer may find is due to satisfied customers that return for additional material and refer their business associates to the writer for similar work.

If you are a freelance writer, take heart, there is room for you, but you need to produce quality original content that is delivered on (or before) deadline. Be professional and willing to fix any mistakes that may be discovered. Make customer service a priority.

You can receive fair payment for your work, but you must make sure the quality of your work is at a high enough standard that your client feels as if they have received a bargain.