Luxurious Asia Cruises by Crystal Cruises

by : Joe Goertz

Asia Cruises 2018

A luxury cruise to Asia in 2018 may just be the thing for you if you wish to explore exotic lands. There are many different cruise lines that offer trips to Asia, and all of them feature various itineraries to choose from.

Featuring the worlds two most awarded luxury ships that cruises in Asian Waters

Crystal Cruises feature the worlds two most awarded luxury ships. Its cruises last anywhere from 11 to 16 days, and include many exciting adventures in Asia. They have four different excursion packages 

  • The Ancient Dynasties Cruise
    Lasts for two full weeks and includes trips to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, China , Taipei, Taiwan, Kagoshima, Japan , as well as offering an “Adventures In Beijing” land tour once the cruise has completed.

  • The Mysteries of Asia
    Includes overnight stays in many cities including Nagasaki, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Osaka. Optional land tours are also available with this particular cruise package.

  • The Kingdoms of Jade & Gold
    Cruises from Hong Kong to Singapore with several stops included, and this adventure lasts for a total of eleven days.

  • The Exotic Asian Odyssey
    Goes to Thailand, Myanmar and India. It lasts for an extensive sixteen days and many land excursions are also available.

Latest Asia Cruises 2018 by Crystal Cruises

  • Sydney to Manila $9,230
    - 17 Feb 2018 to 12 Mar 2018 (23 days)

  • Manila to Singapore $7,075
    - 12 Mar 2018 to 28 Mar 2018 (16 days)
    Stops at Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia & Spore
  • Singapore to Mumbai $8,055
    - 28 Mar 2018 to 15 April 2018 (18 days)
    Stops at KL, Phuket, Burma, Sri Lanka, Mumbai

While cruising through the open sea you can enjoy the many amenities offered aboard the cruise ship.

The cruise ship can accommodate 940 guests, and features a full service fitness facility, a Jacuzzi and two swimming pools, a Caesar's Palace casino, a teak Promenade Deck, and a wide variety of live entertainment and exquisite cuisine.

Endless Onboard Entertainment
From Broadway style shows, classical musicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, comedians, live jazz in the piano bar, dancing in a choice of lounges, a movie theater etc.