Purchase Order Factoring & Finance Large Purchase Solution

by : Troy I. Degarnham

The first aspect to acknowledge when seeking purchase order financing is that most factoring companies are very choosy when dealing with this type of financing. There is not a firm set of regulations to follow concerning invoice financing because each situation is very unique and has to be assessed as such. It is typically very difficult to find purchase order financing however, there are factoring companies out there that are willing to take that type of risk.

Purchase order factoring provides existing businesses with a financial solution to continue operating. However, it should be mentioned that factoring companies typically will only finance those businesses with a proven track record in their said industry. Turning purchase orders around into account receivables is a business solution that will free up working capital and extend finances to the business in a timely manner.

Purchase order factoring should be considered a short-term solution to finance a large purchase or to manufacture specific goods that are already sold. For example, if a company manufactures iron staircases and a popular building company has given a invoice to order a set number of them, factoring can come in extremely handy. It is unlikely that the manufacturer of the staircases has an over abundance of operating capital to purchase materials and manpower for all of these staircases. Most often, banks won't touch this type of financing so the feasible and low cost solution is to seek out a reputable purchase order factoring company that can advance cash on that invoice.

When purchase order financing companies assess a specific invoice financing request, there are several determining factors that have to be understood. If the company that has issued the purchase order is not credit worthy, it is likely that the invoice factoring company will not lend assistance. Purchase order financing is a very risky business due to the nature of the business. The factoring company is lending money on the premise that the company that has issued the invoice will pay for the goods or services. It is easy to see that any purchase order factoring company would have to be very stringent with their rules surrounding this area in order to be successful. These companies are sticking their necks out to supply a potential customer with the funds required to fulfill their end of a invoice agreement. It is completely understandable that they would be picky and selective in choosing this set of clients.

In order to be considered to qualify for purchase order financing the business seeking financial help must have been in business for no less than a year. The type of transaction that is being considered for invoice factoring must be prominent in the business history and have at least a $100,000 transaction minimum. There are several issues that will depend on the type of industry the business is in and the credit history of the business and the customer.