Business Factoring in Business Finance

by : Jas

However, before leaping on the factoring (http:// ) bandwagon it is important for the business owner to know what makes a business suitable for factoring?

- Before making any decision the owner should have a list of his customers and they should be in sufficient number

- No customer should contribute over third of the turnover

- Customers are needed to accept the standard payment terms of the industry.

- Period of credit given to the customers should be reasonable

Following factors make a business unsuitable for factoring:

- When there are too many small invoices

- Factoring is unsuitable when it is sold to the public. It is only available for sales to commercial customers

- There is a provision for the customers to make part payments

- When there are many disputes and queries

- The business is not reliable, credible and sound in its operations

It is very important for the business owners to have a good understanding of these factors as they will be sharing important financial information of their business and will be in direct contact with the customers too. Earlier factoring was not widely used due to the ignorance of business owners regarding the benefits factoring could bring in to the company. Thus it is important for every business owner to be aware of benefits of factoring before using it in their business.
When it is difficult to obtain finance through banks factoring is a promising option. The method also relieves small companies of the expenses involved with collection of receivables. It is not a one-time transaction and is generally provided on a contractual basis.
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