Financial Freedom = Delayed Gratification

by : Vishy Narayanan

What is delayed gratification? Do you stop to
wonder? It appears that the self storage
industry is growing out of control. Even worse,
it is people who have a place called home that
are using these places to a great extent. I was
listening to an interesting program on the
radio that was discussing this issue. I must say
that I was surprised and shocked.

I always thought that these places were used by
people in transit. But, if people have the need
to rent these places on a long term basis, I
have to wonder if the American culture of wanting
everything now, has gone a bit too far.

I was discussing this with one of my friends
recently. Guess, I touched on a weak spot here.
He admitted that he had been spending $200 every
month for the past six years on renting a little
space in the neighborhood. I asked him what he had
stored in there. He said "this and that, I don't
even remember. I have not even taken a look in the
past four years.". You know that $200/month invested
wisely could have made a lot of money for him. I
think that he will be clearing out that place and
giving his "wealth" away to the Salvation Army soon.

What do you think about the consumer credit
growing without control. Is this something that
each one of us should be concerned about?

I am not saying that we should not enjoy our lives
or live in total misery. Contrary to that, I
like to live an excellent life and have the things
that I need. But, that does not mean that I
should not care about when I get what I get. I
think that it is easy to get in debt, but getting
out is a whole other story.

We all deserve true Financial Freedom, but only
when we are willing to pay the price and make the
necessary sacrifices.

We should feel good in getting the rewards that
we have earnedFree Web Content, rather than borrowing it from
someone at an exhorbitant price.