Top Personal Financial Software & Personal Financial Programs

by : Richard Seng

Have you ever thought that organizing and managing your money was overpowering and hopeless? By using personal finance software, many of the concerns you have with managing money can be squashed.

Picking the right software package for you can build your confidence in managing your money and making sure your finances are in order.

Some of the advantages of using personal finance software are:

  • You can pay your bills online by using online banking.
  • Manage your stock and 401K portfolio by trading stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • You can get real time stock reports.
  • Export your tax and financial data to your tax return.
  • Build reports and graphs to find our where your money is going.
  • You can keep all your financial information in one place.
  • Maintain a list of usernames and passwords for all your investment websites.
An excellent personal financial software program will allow you to store your information and data for as long as you would like. You will not need to store files of pager in boxes with all your yearly statements.

Some financial websites will actually limit how long information is stored on their site. Personal financial software can help you to store your data on your computer so you can track your spending. You can build budgets and do long and short term goal planning.

Personal financial software will not do everything for you. You still need to set up the program when you begin and depending on the difficulty of your financial information and how comprehensive you are, it could take your some time. You can download a lot of your data from your financial websites, but you will still need to record some transactions manually. You also will need to be attentive in recording your data.

Here are some considerations and features when buying personal financial software.

  • Make sure the software is user friendly and easy to set up and install.
  • The software should be current on new tax laws.
  • You should have the ability to do online banking and bill paying along with account transactions and reconciliation, exchange currencies, electronic payments and write checks.
  • Features for investing should be including getting stock quotes, managing your 401k, stocks, mutual funds and bonds.
  • Retirement planning options to achieve your financial goals, manage taxes, lifetime events, plan college expenses home purchases, expensesFree Reprint Articles, debt relief and more.
Top Personal Financial Software Programs
  1. Quicken
  2. Microsoft Money