I Want To Live A Good Life Free From Financial Worries

by : Linda Dipman

Do you ever feel like the walls are closing in together ready to crush you? Are you in debt and over your head with interest rates ever increasing to the point you must either get a much better paying job or hire an attorney so you can go bankrupt? Or maybe the cost of going back and forth to your good paying job has forced you to put your house on the market except no one seems to be interested and all the equity you have gained is dissolving right before your eyes, money that could have been used for a new house in a better location.

Do you feel trapped by your home, job and the money it takes for you to live? Still it doesn't keep you from pulling out yet another credit card because somewhere in your subconscious a voice is reaffirming that you have the right to Live A Good Life No matter what it cost. You make a great salary and shouldn't you be able to buy what you want and do what you desire? Yet the cost of your ability to live a good life is greater than you think when you are unexpectedly hit with an unforeseen whammy from Mother Nature. A flood, tornado, hail storm or the worse possible unforeseen problem: a sudden loss of employment.

This is called the game of life. Twist and turns that make you play whether you want to or not, because we live in an uncertain world filled to the brim with unexpected happenings. Our accumulation of things for our family such as our home, cars, and even on how we balance our bank account are intricate playing pieces that either have the ability to change us and teach us from how we react to them or they can force the players to throw everything away and start their game of life all over again.

When you live in a world that isn't perfect you must be ready for the unexpected. You must plan for the future or just when you think you have it all together everything falls apart unless you understand the purpose of this great world and what you are expected to know in order to survive what is going to happen next.

James 1: 12, "Happy is the person who remains faithful under trials, because when he succeeds in passing such a test, he will receive as his reward the life which God has promised to those who love him."

Everything we experience in this world has a unique purpose geared to teach us secret spiritual truths that are not plain for us to understand until the proper time. Truths that are hidden until we come to a sudden awakening that shows us that we are not in control of our lives! Revelations that bring us to our knees so we will begin to understand that the only way to play the game of life and win is with the help of a Supernatural all knowing God. A God that is always in control of everything for the good of those who follow Him.

Romans 8: 28-30, "We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. Those whom God had already set apart to become like his Son, so that the Son would be the first among many brothers. And so those whom God set apart, he called; and those he called, he put right with himself, and he shared his glory with them."

It is very important that all people of the world come to the same conclusion that we must follow God in order to overcome the tragedies of the world. We cannot play the game of life alone for we would be utter failures against all of the future events that we can not foresee before they capture our lives and bring us to our knees.

We need to be careful on how we view this world. We are not meant to just sail through life without any concerns or problems. We are here to learn and if we are caught without faith in God, we are liable to lose everything and gain nothing from the experience.

James 1: 9-11, "The Christian who is poor must be glad when God lifts him up, and the rich person must be glad when God brings him down. For the rich will pass away like the flower of a wild plant. The sun rises with its blazing heat and burns the plant; its flower falls off, and its beauty is destroyed in the same way the rich man will be destroyed while he goes about his business."

To comprehend this passage of scriptures is to understand that the financial part of life is an intricate teacher of hard truths. It takes a person losing everything for them to come to the revelation that this world is not about personal wealth. It is not about the home you own or the car you drive or your position in your place of business. This is the reason why so many people are tested with financial failures. Our inability to control the world's marketing system puts every person's finances in constant jeopardy. We are the flower that is burned by the blazing heat of the world's financial markets. When we put our faith in the things of the world it will teach us just how unstable our hopes and dreams can become.

Everything about our world teaches us the repercussions of the decisions made by those who control the world markets. The United States is experiencing a recession all because of how corporate businesses who desired to make more profits moved their businesses to China. China now is experiencing the greatest economic growth ever because they have the jobs. We all know that where there are jobs, money is spent. Money for cars, homes, and better lifestyles that prosperity can afford to give.

This is why we live in a very uncertain world and why putting our faith in money and greed can only lead us down paths that will destroy the lives we build from it. Greed will always lead big businesses to make a mess out of the little persons lives. Because the motivation is for the money they make and not for the people who work for them.

God is into developing the characters of people. He takes what the world does to people and teaches them how to defend themselves in the future. This is the reason it is so important to stay focused on God's will for your life. This is why you must understand that you are in this world to learn life lessons that will teach you by what you learn in the world and not to follow greed.

The purpose of our world is not on how successful you are, but on how much you care about other people. If we were to follow those who are wealthy, we would quickly see how their motivation is not geared to how much they can make for those who work for them. They work for what they gain from their profits.

Look at the oil companies in the United States they are reaping the benefits of the skyrocketing foreign oil prices. The cost of getting the oil here has not changed for them, yet they are making tremendous profits because of their greed. The rich oil executives don't care that they are throwing the entire United States into a recession. They don't care about the poor and how they have to choose between buying food or the gas they need in order to go to work. All they care about is what the money can do for them.

James 1:27, "What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this; to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world."

God loves people! He cares about everyone's needs and He wants to teach us how to be good stewards of the money we earn in this world. We can't live like the world. We can not live our lives only thinking of our needs. When we are focused on ourselves then we become targets of those who are in this world for greed. We must separate ourselves from the world in order to win the game of life.

We are here to have a good life in proportion to what we learn from the tests and trials we go through. Tests that build our character and teach us how to live the right kind of life. Trials that are designed to build our faith in God and not in the world. Experiences that are geared to prepare us for the perfect world to come that will allow us to reign side by side with Jesus Christ.

We can only gain from this world when we stop thinking of what we want and start changing into people who care about others. When we are wrapped up in the world we are vulnerable to the corrupting forces of the world like the fluctuating market to the corporate greed of big businesses that only thinks about profits. When God is first in your life you're thinking about making the world better for the children you love. You're listening to those who tell you not to over buy when purchasing a house. You're learning when you buy a car that is too expensive and you're learning why you shouldn't overload your finances with credit card debt.

Our lives will be molded by what we learn and not from what we own. Our possessions cannot be taken into the next world, but everything we have done for others will be written down in the book of life. In return we will be paid back for everything we gave up to follow God's path. A reward in the brand new world that is geared to bless us with so much abundance that we will not remember any of our suffering.