Five Ways To Secure Online Financial Information

by : Jared Irish

Internet privacy is becoming more and more of an issue today. Information to learn how to hack, invade your privacy, and acquire financial information is easily available on the internet.

More and more devious individuals around the world are catching on to this easy access to your wallet. There are at least 5 key things internet users can do to secure their financial information. These steps alone can dramatically improve online financial security.

1.Internet users should consider using a software program that will hide the IP address of the browser. The IP address will provide information about your location, name, address, and in some cases whatever information you provided to your internet service provider. Hiding your IP address will also make it more difficult for hackers to access your information. Hackers look for an IP address to access your computer. The fake address will often make it difficult for hackers to determine the location of your computer.

2.Use an Internet Security Bundle. This bundle should include anti-virus, software firewall, spam, and an ad aware program at the bare minimum. Norton Internet Security, Avast, and CA are some of the most common security suites available.

3.Disconnect your computer when possible. Even when your computer is turned off, if it is still connected to a live internet connection it is possible for hackers to access the information contained on your hard drive. It is a smart choice to disconnect the computer when possible this will completely avoid any possibility of being hacked when you are not around or are not using your computer. A switch can also be obtained so that you can easily switch off your internet connection.

4.Use a hardware firewall in addition to the software firewall. You can never have too much security. There are currently several hardware firewalls available that you can use in addition to your software firewall. This will enhance the security of the personal and financial information contained on your computer.

5.Use extreme caution when downloading or clicking on any links you are not familiar with. Some links contain malicious software that can be downloaded without your knowledge. This software can then perform functions such as key monitor which will monitor all words typed and in some cases the sites you visit. Such as your bank, brokerage firm, or your financial institution.