Do You Have A Problem With Impulse Shopping?

by : Jim Corkern

It is a hard thing to continuously live on a budget. Unfortunately for most of us it is a reality and a way of life. It may sometimes feel like the harder we work, the harder it is to make ends meet. Well, this might not be just our imagination because things are progressively getting more expensive and in many instances our income does not make up the difference.

If this is how it is for you and your family, then you probably already realize that there have to be some changes made in as many things as you possibly can to keep on making it from week to week. You might not think there are any corners left to cut, but if we look hard enough, we can usually find something.

The first place that almost all of us will be guilty of unnecessary spending is when we go to all the large department stores where we can buy a multitude of things at once. You know the ones we are talking about to without having to name them. It is so easy to go into them with just a few things on our list and come out with a buggy full of everything else as well.

This is where many of us over spend when it is absolutely unnecessary. Two ways to avoid the impulse buying trap is to number one, do not go there at all if you can avoid it. The second thing is to examine your cart carefully before you check out. When you make an inspection of the items you are buying, you will be amazed every time you go at what you can comfortably take out of that cart before you pay. Over a years time you could actually save several hundred dollars just by scrutinizing every item you buy and you will probably never miss those things that you put back.

You may have already noticed that many department stores will offer great deals on some things while seeming to be over priced on others. This is an old gimmick that has always worked for them. Beware of what brands you buy and the quantity or size of a product. You will often get better deals on the bigger sizes if it is feasible for you to purchase something that way. Large quantities of perishable products are not always a good thing.

About that list, make one and stick to it. A list is useless to help you save money if you just ignore it once you get in the store. If it is not on it, try not to buy it. When you live on a tight budget saving even a little money will take some effort, but it can be done.