Do You Know How To Save On Groceries?

by : Rachel Yoshida

If you nearly fall out from the shock of your grocery bill total right there at the check out counter, well, if you look around there are probably some other wobbly people standing at all the other counters too. The cost of groceries is getting ridiculous and for some people in really low paying jobs, it can cost half or more of their check each week just to feed their families. When you have three or more children, groceries can cost anywhere from one to three hundred dollars a week depending on how many family members there are.

It might be hard to admit, but a lot of women and men also, who do the grocery shopping for the week are going to have to wake up to the realization that some cutting corners is in order. Sometimes we get stuck in picking out the same brands of certain products just because of the commercials we see on television without paying as much attention to the fact that many of the nationally advertised brands can cost twice that of their generic competitors. Rich people do not usually get rich by spending their money foolishly and they always look for the best deal.

If you think it will be hard for you to change some of the food products you use, then you should start with non food items. Paper products can add up to a big part of your grocery bill if you are not careful. Try cheaper brands of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and tissues. Try using less paper towels in your kitchen all together. Worn out towels make great kitchen rags for cleanup. Be smart.

Cleaning products can be really expensive if you have taken the time to notice. Sure there might be one or two products that perform well that you will want to keep, but at least try out some less expensive ones. The same goes for soaps, shampoos, razors, feminine products, mouthwashes, all the things that you buy over and over again. If you really want to save money you have to learn to make sacrifices somewhere. Name brand medicines that you buy over the counter are really expensive and it has already been proven that most generics are just as good for half the cost.

Once you have learned how to save on all of these items, you may find that changing certain food brands is not that difficult either. When buying food for your family, you should always make sure that what you buy is nutritionally sound because it is not a bargain if it is not good for the body. Start with food products like dog and cat foods, mustards, ketchups, sauces, pickles, and things that your family may not even notice the difference.