Accounts Receivable Management.

by : Peter Emerson

Accounts Receivable Factoring is a means to meet the requirements of companies that are in urgent need of cash. Highly useful to the companies, this process of Accounts Receivable Funding refers to the process of selling of invoices and other Receivables by the company to a funding company. The funding company purchases these Receivables at a discount from the seller company. The seller company then gets the required cash that is required to run the business. Added advantages are that the seller company can then focus on the business without bothering with collecting the cash, because this becomes the responsibility of the financing company.

As a company raising funds through Accounts Receivable Funding, you have the option of managing the Accounts Receivable sales yourself, or outsourcing it to a company who specializes in providing Accounts Receivable Funding services. In fact, there are many companies providing Accounts Receivable Funding services, including designing, implementing, managing and providing solutions to clients ranging from telecommunications, education, retail, utility and the government sector, to name only a few.

The process of Accounts Receivable Management involves receiving documents, which can be either sales notes or checks, maintaining a record of the same, and providing quality checks by validating these entries to ensure that they all are defect-free.

Another aspect of Accounts Receivable Management involves eliminating all possible risks to bad debt and non-payment, thereby ensuring a smooth cash flow. Accounts Receivable Funding processes also require maintaining cordial relationships with the clients, monitor follow-up transactions and ensure a smooth resolutions of problems that may arise.

Depending on your business requirements, you can get Accounts Receivable Management services customized to your requirements. There is also Management software that you can use to keep a track of all your records, transactions and customer information in a systematic manner.