How To Get $1,000 From A 1,000-Subscriber Ezine

by : Pornpong Prachumtong

I still wonder why some people can make only $100-$300 per month from their own ezine. Personally, I strongly believe that anyone who have more than 1,000 subscribers in his ezine should make at least $1,000 a month.

However, what I have said is possible for the one who want to make serious money on ezine. When we talk about how to make money from your own list, most people think about selling ezine Adv. Most of you wait for the advertiser to invest in your ezine Ad. Don’t do that!

Even though you have only 1,000 subscribers, you can easily make $1,000 every month. The first thing is “don’t accept ezine Ad or articles too much"! Why? Because if you usually send solo Ad or even top ezine Ad to your list, it will hurt your image as a professional publisher!

People have subscribed your ezine because they expect something serious and interesting!

The second thing is “find the appropriate MLM to your subscribers" !?! Why MLM ? Some people hate MLM! You have to select MLM which relate to your list. After you have select to best one, you have to educate them via your articles (don’t try to make sale yet). The reason somebody hate MLM because they don’t understand how it work!

If you want to do advertising, make it like a special offer come up with your recommendation. People always love special offers and discounts, not a regular and boring ezine Ad.

Your recommendation is very important in the subscribers’ point of view. Your subscribers tend to believe and follow your suggestion. If you want to sell something, just give a recommendation and show them the benefits if they believe you!

So, the key is to try to build your MLM organization by using your ezine to educate your subscribers. Everybody love residual income, trust me! Try to find MLM which has “spill over" (such as forced matrix), so you subscribers will have a confident to become your downline!

One more thing you have to understand is it takes time! To educate your subscribers is not easy, it should be 1-3 months to educate and convince them. But it’s really worth your time.

Suppose after 3 months of education, only 20% of your subscribers trust you. Then you will get 200 downlines, which is enough to make you $1,000 every month! So, the key is timing, don’t hurry. To success in MLM business, it always takes time!

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