Develop the Mindset of a Millionaire

by : Peter McArdle

Investing is only 20% strategies and 80% mindset. You can learn all the strategies there are in your business know how but if you are thinking the wrong way, it will never work for you. Sure you might get lucky and do a few deals but you will probably end up losing it some where else if your mind is not right.

Millionaire Mindset
The main thing that keeps a lot of people down is FEAR. This emotion cripples a lot of people and business but with the right thought patterns you can eliminate your fear and once you have ridden your fear, can go on to great things for yourself.

1) Millionaire Mindset #1
Manage Your Fear

It is an easy emotion to control, instead of fearing the past or future, live 100% in the present and live with courage, confidence and power. Anticipate success and you shall have success. When your mind is focused on positive emotions you will be able to crush barriers, nothing could stand in your way, but if your thought pattern is negative when things do not seem right, the same barriers will feel like mountains , impossible to keep moving forward.

2) Millionaire Mindset #2
Do Activities to Overcome Fear

A great exercise for you to do is write a list every morning when you wake up of the things you are grateful for. It could be anything from the eyes to read this article or for the sun coming up in the morning. Doing this exercise every morning will slowly shift your focus and put you in a positive mind frame.

3) Millionaire Mindset #3
Never Loose Hope

Another important thing to remember is persistence will always win, you can never lose your belief that you If a deal does not go the way you thought, don't worry, take the lessons from that deal and learn from them. Guaranteed there is something even better just around the corner.

4) Millionaire Mindset #4
Control Your Mind with Repetition Exercise

This is another great exercise I was told by somebody else ,was to make a tape of yourself saying things like, 'I am a successful business man ' , and then 'Your name is a successful business man', and 'He/She is a successful businessman'.

Play the tape and you do not even have to sit and listen, in fact just go on with your day as normal except with the tape playing in the background. You can do this exercise for anything else. If you wanted to be more courageous, then instead of saying businessman you would simply say' I am courageous' and so on. Do this exercise for thirty days and come up with a list of five characteristics you would like to have.

Eventually the sayings on the tape will set in your subconcious mind and great things will begin to happen! These are the 4 Millionaire Mindset. Good luck!