Survival Of The Payday Trap

by : Jim Corkern

Those who survived during the great depression knew what it meant to get along with no payday at all for long periods of time. It was a grievous time for millions. A lot of people in our time that are unemployed, can sympathize with those of many years ago.

There are many of us that are lucky and have a regular job, although in a lot of our cases it is a terrible strain to survive from one week until the next. It is nearly just as difficult when you have a steady job and are still without money the majority of the time.

A lot of times if we do not have adequate funds to get through from payday to payday, it can be our own fault because we have a habit of going into debt for items that are not really essential to us and for things that we just should not buy. When we have obtained that new home or vehicle, that is when reality comes to light and we have to face the fact that it might be nearly impossible to pay off these items comfortably.

When you discover your are in that budget strained boat that multitudes of others are caught up in along with you, there is not a lot of that you can do about it. The most of us will elect to keep fighting however we can rather than give up a nice house or vehicle that we believe we deserve to own.

Even if there are so many people who will still do the unthinkable and are using credit cards to increase their income if needed, others are selecting another way to make it through the crunch when the funds run out before the week is done. Payday loans and check advance businesses are booming these days and it is not surprising.

It is pretty easy to obtain these sorts of loans. There is usually no credit history check and the only paperwork required is a couple of your last checking account monthly records and proof of a job. Of course, proof can vary from place to place. It is an easy and speedy way to get a little money that you can pay back, normally within two weeks.

Just keep in mind if you go and sign up for a payday loan that it will be coming out of your next paycheck and do not let yourself to get over loaded. Normally these companies will allow you to pay the interest and set up a loan for a a few more more weeks, but this will only cost you more in the long haul. Keep in mind that over extending your income might be what landed you in the boat from the beginning.