The Anz First Card Is A Good Choice For Low Balance Transfers

by : Devin Gilliland

Credit cards are often sought after by individuals who are looking to transfer large sums of money from a high interest credit card to a lower rate credit card that will in turn save them money. These transfers, known widely as balance transfers, allow people to steer away from varying rates of interest which suck their wallets dry. High interest rates can be tough to beat, especially if you owe a significant amount of money on a card. That's why many people turn to credit cards such as the ANZ First Card to alleviate them from the stress.

The ANZ First Card comes with a low 7% balance transfer rate, which means you can transfer your current balance to the First Card at a low 7% of the balance and then save with 44 days of interest free purchases on the card.

The ANZ card is among the many consumer credit cards in Australia that come with solid balance transfer rates. These rates are great for the individual who is looking to save money by cutting back interest. Security is second biggest reason for getting a good balance transfer credit card. Security means protection online and off with purchases, transfers and any other financial activity.

Online fraud protection means that you have the highest level of security on your card each and every time you purchase online. You won't be responsible for charges that are made without your knowledge or by someone who has gotten your financial information. The ANC First Card will make sure that you are protected on the internet and off. It isn't just a card that helps in terms of balance transfers but one that assists in security as well.

The First Card gives you the choice of having up to three free additional cardholders on your account. If you want to have your spouse or children on your account with you, you do not have to pay an extra fee to make it happen. Just let ANC know and you can have up to three additional cards sent to you at no charge.

The ANC First Card is one of several Australian choices for great balance transfer rates and security purposes.