Discover More Card: A Look At The Discover More Card Offer

by : Ed Vegliante

Since its national unveiling during the 1986 Super Bowl, Discover has focused on rewarding its customers. Discover's first campaigns featured no annual fee and cash back programs - two benefits that very few credit card issuers offered at the time. Today, Discover continues to lead the field with top reward programs for its cardholders. One of these is the Discover Get More program. By signing up for a Discover More card today, you can earn a $40 cash back bonus.

How it Works

The Discover More card is a cash back rebate card. When you sign up, you get a chance to accumulate rewards as you use the card. After spending $500 in purchases, you will be eligible for $40 cash back.

While this will get you off to a great start, the Discover More card offers plenty of other ways to receive cash back. The Get More program gives you 5% cash back when you shop in certain categories. The categories, which include items such as gas, travel, home, restaurants, and movies, change four times a year. When you make purchases at these participating locations, 5% comes back to you.

When you shop through Discover's online site, you can receive between 5% and 20% cash back. After accumulating $20 in rewards, you will receive a cash rebate for that amount. You can also choose to redeem your rewards for gift cards. When you do so from one of Discover's 80 Cashback Bonus Partners, you can double the amount of rewards you receive.

Even when you make purchases in other areas, you will still be rewarded. You can earn up to 1% on all other purchases. For the first $1,500 you spend on general purchases, you can expect to receive 0.25% cash back. For the next $1,500, the reward will be 0.50%. After that you will get the full 1% in cash back rewards. There is no limit on the amount of cash rewards you can receive.

Extra Benefits

You'll find many additional attractive features with the Discover More Card. The card comes with no annual fee. You'll also receive a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for twelve months. For those with good credit, the regular interest rate that sets in after the initial period is relatively low. And when you decide to sign up for a Discover More card, you can choose among various card designs. This extra feature lets you add personality to your card.

Apply Today

If you have good credit and want a cash reward credit card, the Discover More card may be the best choice for you. Applying online only takes a few minutes. Within days, you'll be able to use the new credit card.

When you sign up, you may choose to transfer a balance on to the Discover More card. While there is an initial transfer fee, there will be no interest charged to the balance for twelve months. This gives you time to pay off the amount and save on interest.

Look online today and fill out an application for a Discover More card. Starting with $40 cash back, you will see the bonuses add up quickly as you shop. With no annual fee and money back for each purchase, you'll find it pays to use the Discover More card.