American Express - the American Dream?

by : Tomas Loden

American Express - The American Dream

10 Facts About American Exress Card

1. Everyone likes to have a American Express (Amex) credit card with a low interest rate on hand, even if it is just for emergencies.

2. Choose the right American Express credit card for your needs and think about the card features that are important to you so you don't pay for features you won't use in the future.

3. Pay your American Express bill on time to avoid late fees and higher interest rates. Paying late can be very costly.

4. Safety. American Express is one of the most widely renowned names today.

5. American Express credit cards are preferred for their instant purchasing power, great customer service and incomparable benefits for the American Express cardholders.

6. The top three American Express cards are: Blue from American Express, Blue Sky and Blue Cash.

7. The best terms for a credit card in my opinion is the American express "Clear" card. No set up fees for most things including cash advances or being over-the-limit.

8. Remember, American Express can ask for anything, and you have the option to comply or close your American Express account. Many American Express customers have been asked to supply tax returns to verify your income.

9. American Express has some of the highest fees. American Express used to be great world wide but they charged too much in the way of fees to the merchants and annual fees to the card-holder.

10. Over 91% of all credit transactions are with either Visa or Mastercard.

Hope it helps!