Why Should I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

by : David Fagan

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy is our most popular form of personal bankruptcy here in the US. Often times we have to resort to it because we have experienced an unplanned, sudden loss of a job, or a major injury. If you truly want to discharge all of your debts and have a fresh financial start then you must have bankruptcy liquidation under this chapter.Even if your deep into debt, if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy then you can get out of your financial situation. The best way to qualify is to have little or no assets in your name. You can do this by relinquishing the ownership of your valuables to your family or friends. The best way to do this is with a legal bill of sale form. This will give you a legal way to prove you no longer own those assets. It’s important to do this anyway because creditors may try to stake claim on those assets.If you qualify, then filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is probably your best option, and should be taken into consideration. There are some debts that you can't discharge though such as federal student loans, alimony, and child support payments owed. If one of these is the main reason for your debt then forget about going this route, but if they’re not the main reason then you’re on the right track.It often times becomes overwhelming for some of us to keep up with debt. Getting rid of it once and for all will free you from the stress caused by your overwhelming financial burdens. It's an amazing feeling for those of us who have been in serious debt before.Another great thing about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that you will be eligible for new loans within months. Everyone knows loans are a great way to build credit. Almost immediately after filing you can start to rebuild your credit, that’s the great thing about going this route.Probably the best thing getting rid of debt is ending the phone calls from creditors. Finally be able to experience peace and quiet for once in your home. Also, you know have had a crash course in what will happen when debt is improperly managed and you will be better suited to handle any future financial trouble.Also, once you eliminate your debt you can begin to rebuild your savings account, education fund, retirement fund, and whatever other kind of fund you want. You no longer will need to worry about creditors trying to stake their claim on your hard earned cash.There are so many benefits to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy its no wonder why it’s the most popular form of personal bankruptcy in our country.