Find The Best Low APR Credit Card

by : Robert Alan

There are many different kinds of credit cards on the market today and the most sought after is the low APR credit card and with good reason. Low APR credit cards will give you the lowest interest rates throughout the year, saving you money.

In the process of finding the best low APR credit card, be sure to look for one that is suitable for you. Take a look at some of the credit cards that are on offer, so you know which ones are available to you. The low APR credit cards offer a wide range of extras including reward schemes where you get a percentage of cash back on purchases at grocery stores, bookstores and in some cases even on gasoline. You will find the cash back offers normally range between one percent and five percent.

The APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. This rate takes into account set up fees, interest rate and other factors included in the lenders agreement. It is the rate charged that you would be obliged to pay over a one year period on your low interest credit cards. It is good for the borrower as you can calculate just how much you are going to pay and if the rate offered is within your budget. The APR will vary between lenders, depending on how competitive the lender is. Lenders looking to attract new customers for their low APR credit cards may offer the best introductory rates. If you are taking out a secured loan against your property, then the APR is normally calculated in relation to the sum you are borrowing in comparison to your property's value. This means you may not qualify to get the lower rates on offer. Also if you have had difficulty obtaining credit, or a poor credit rating in the past, then it is unlikely you will be offered the low interest credit cards.

Some low interest credit cards offer a permanent low rate. Other low APR credit cards give you an introductory offer where you get a lower rate for a fixed period of time, maybe six to nine months. As an example you may get a card with a six months 5% APR, then a 12% APR thereafter. This means for the first six months you will only be charged an annual interest rate of 5% on your balance, or purchases. However any purchases or balances that are outstanding after six months will be charged at a rate of 12%.

A low APR credit card is used by many people to make large purchases. They take advantage of the low rate offered, so they can have a few months to pay off the balance. Using your low interest credit cards this way can save you quite a lot of money. It is important however to fully read and understand the terms of the introductory rate offered. You don't want to end up by paying interest or fees you don't need to.

The best offer that a lender will give you is of course 0% APR rather than just the low interest credit cards. Many offer this for an introductory period only. Don't just jump in and sign an agreement with a company because they offer 0% APR. Always take into consideration what their normal rate is going to be. It is this rate you are going to pay interest on, so you don't want the permanent APR to be too high.

If you already have credit cards it may still be well worth looking at changing to another low APR credit card. Many lenders will let you transfer the balance from your current low APR credit cards to a new card. You may be able to save a lot of money by doing this, if the rates are lower than you are currently paying. There is nothing to stop you changing every time your low interest credit cards introductory rate is about to finish, and is well worth considering.