Details of the Citi Student Credit Card Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

This Citi Student credit card is a platinum card, therefore it has been designed for those college students who have already accumulated a good credit standing. There are not very many college students who have had the chance to build a good credit history, but if this sounds like you than you are eligible for a great deal of astounding benefits.

Keep in mind that this credit card does offer higher interest rates than most other student credit cards but it does not charge you an annual fee. Therefore, depending on how high the interest rates are these fees even out for the card holder. The Citi Student credit card offers a very rare benefit for a student card, 0% interest on ALL transactions for the first six months of owning the card. This is a benefit that is unheard of for a student card but incredibly useful for the students. The downside is that there is a cap on money advances of 19.99%. No matter what the prime rates are this is the lowest the interest rates on cash advances can reach. This therefore limits the attempt of any college student to try and make cash advance.

Citi Student Credit card offers the students the same standard benefits that they offer every one of their card holders.

&bull Discounts on selected merchants and retailers

&bull $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance

&bull Auto rental insurance

&bull Fraud protection services

&bull A large variety of other emergency travel services

If you are a student who can afford to pay their visa bills each month than the rewards are waiting for you with this Citi Student Credit Card. As a student now is the time to take advantage of these great credit card savings and bonuses. Many other credit cards charge high interest fees, annual fees and more. As a student you are able to save on these disadvantages with the Citi Student credit card.