Details Of The Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

When someone has a limited or a rather poor credit history, they may want to look into the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card. Offered through HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. this MasterCard is just what those who are looking to restore and re-establish their credit could use.

The annual fee of the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card is quite reasonable at $35. The variable APR of 15.90% is an average rate for such a card. The variable APR on cash advances, however, jumps significantly to 23.40%! The finance charges are applied to any purchases that are not paid for within the first 25 days, and there are charges for other services like cash advances. The maximum deposit allowed on the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card is $15,000, and the minimum deposit is $200. Late payment and over the limit fees are $29 each time they occur.

One thing to note when you are looking at the Orchard Back Secured Credit Card: minimum caps do apply to the APRs for both purchases and cash advances. No matter what the Prime Rate is, even if it falls to low levels, the APR on this card will not go below the minimum rate.

There are perks to the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card that you won't always find on cards of this type, though. The card provides cardholders with services and benefits like online account access, emergency card replacement, and other various fraud protection services. You also do not have to pay an application fee when you apply for this MasterCard.

So, if you plan to pay off your balances, this card can help you to build or re-establish a positive credit history. With a low annual fee and no application fee, cardholders can expect to pay $35 for their Orchard Bank Secured Card every twelve months.