Advanta Platinum Business Credit Card

by : Richard Gilliland

For years Advanta has ingeniously utilized its financial knowledge and great managerial, promotional and customer service expertise to erect a long-term strategic client partnership. Now, they have a special Advanta business credit card on offer.

Business owners tracking for a credit card that would take care of all their business expenses will end their search at Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard. It's a better alternative for your Business Card enclosing rewards you'd love to add to your kitty.

Special features

Just go through the features to find out for yourself, what is so special about Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard

?The platinum credit card has no annual fee on the card and for the first twelve months you'll get an attractive 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers.

?The actual reward associated with this card is the exceptional credit line of up to $50,000. Now, this is a good option for those who charge on just about everything, yet are not willing to be restricted by lower credit line.

?When the introductory tenure ends, the interest rate is a variable 13.49% for both cash advances and purchases, although the rate for cash advances is directly tied to the cardholder's credit and will be 5.99% or 12.49% plus Prime Rate.

?With minimum of $5 you can access a cash advance of 3% and with convenience checks a maximum of $50.

Supplementary Services

?Through Credit Line request -you can manage your account online

?You're given a free primary vehicle rental insurance

?Your money is secured with an automatic theft and damage protection cover

?Special Savings On Business Products and Services will help you to enjoy benefit of discount of upto 25% or more with subsequent companies and others as listed below:

1) Palo Alto Software
2) IBM
3) Ramada Inn
4) Penny-Wise Office Products and more

Additional benefits and services

Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard is always a handsome bargain in terms of the additional benefits and services you're allowed. If you have planned to manage maximum benefits from your credit card, scamper your eyes over the additional benefits below, which you could derive as a cardholder:

?You can do free online bill payment. So, you can save your time and money by making payments to your online Advanta account

?Have your personalized and billing date and checks.

?You can avail online Statements and Management reports

?Authentic protection for purchases and extended warranties with your card

?You are getting services and products discounts from participating retailers and merchants outlets

?Attuned to both Microsoft Money software and Quicken

These are some standard business account benefits enjoyed by any average business owner resorting to Advanta Platinum Business Card MasterCard. Even though you find the rate a little high as compared to that charged to an individual with good credit, well it's sensible if your account doesn't carry a balance always.