Comparing and Reviewing Advanta Business Credit Cards

by : Scott Stadler

Giving options to those with good credit that need business credit cards, Advanta has put forth a worthy lineup of business credit card choices. From the basic business needs card to a card with hefty rewards, the bases are covered indeed. One caveat, these business cards are not readily available to everyone, nor would they be the best solution for every possible entity. Let's take a look at the Advanta Business Credit Cards one by one.

The Advanta Platinum BusinessCard

For being the most basic offering in the Advanta business card lineup, the Advanta Platinum BusinessCard still gives a solid value to its cardholders. Pay no annual fee while still benefiting from 12 introductory months of 0% APR on both balance transfers and purchases. After that, the interest rate moves towards the mid to high range, but the first 12 months with zero interest make it worthwhile. Also pluses for business are the opportunity to have the company name printed on the card as well as a high maximum credit line. Good credit is of course required.

The Advanta Platinum Business Custom Card

Building on the basic card, the Advanta Platinum Business Custom Card really takes things to the next level all together. With 0% APR for the first 15 months and only a 7.99% fixed interest rate after that, the interest savings alone are hard to beat. Throw in the 5% cash back or travel rewards and this card is among the very best in the business. The only caveat is that excellent credit is required to achieve all of these benefits.

The Advanta Life-of-Balance Platinum Card

Different from just about every other credit card available, the Advanta Life-of-Balance Platinum Card is truly unique in the interest benefits it puts forth. Although the standard off the shelf interest rate associated with the card is very reasonable itself, a 2.99% APR offering is fixed for the life of balance transfers completed within the first 3 months of holding the card. Plus 6% travel or cash back rewards really do add up fast.

The Advanta Platinum BusinessCard with Rewards

Offering what might be the industry leading balance transfer interest free introductory period of 16 months, the Advanta Platinum BusinessCard is indeed ready for serious business. Even after the 16 months is passed, the standard fixed APR is remarkably low too. 5% rewards, either cash back or travel, are excellent for the territory. Additionally, the card can be personalized with your business name, just like all Advanta credit cards can.

The Consensus on Advanta Business Credit Cards

Simply put, the Advanta line of Business Credit Cards offers some of the best perks, both with interest rates and rewards, in the credit card industry. While some of the things they tout, such as $0 liability on fraud, are really only standard for any credit card, Advanta really does stand up to its promises. If there's one con, it's probably that the cards are only promoted to businesses with superior credit.