Best Prepaid Credit Cards

by : Kelly Liyakasa

Credit cards are a staple in most of our daily lives. Not only are they quick and convenient, but they're practically mandatory if you wish to book a hotel room, rent a car or to secure most any online purchase. The problem is, many of us don't have perfect credit, so it's all too common for our credit applications to be declined time after time. This is where the prepaid credit card rescues us.

What is a prepaid credit card? Well, much like anything coined 'prepaid,' you must deposit your own money into the specified account in order to gain access to the service. It behaves nearly identically to a debit card, but unlike draining that bank account without any reward, some prepaid credit cards put you in favor with the credit bureaus. found one prepaid credit card, the Eufora Elite Credit Builder Prepaid MasterCard, that will put your credit in good standing and allows you to earn cash for every cardholder you refer. It's important to consider annual and monthly fees, however, as recovering from an atrocious credit background may come with a cost.

There are some big perks to signing up for a , such as a lack of interest rates or having to remember to pay your bill. You may really only spend what you deposit, so only spend what you have...literally. There are associated fees for deposits, so it's vital to check out and compare prepaid credit cards to find one that fits your financial situation.