Best Low Apr Credit Cards

by : Kelly Liyakasa

Let's face it: the last thing we need is credit card debt and sometimes our intentions to pay our balances in full each month are made in vain. Low interest credit cards are a worthwhile alternative to no annual fee credit cards, which require squeaky clean credit histories to qualify for at times. However, one card issuer's notion of 'low interest' may not leave you scrambling to fill out an application. Think about the following if you're considering a low APR credit card:

&bullAnnual Fee-Many low APR credit cards don't charge an annual fee, such as the Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card. Think of it as dually saving money: on interest and fees.

&bullFixed Interest Rate-Cards like the Pulaski Bank Gold Visa offer fixed interest rates of less than 10%, which is a great rate if you don't always pay your balance fully each month.

&bullCash Rewards-It isn't always the case that low interest rate credit cards provide great cash-back rewards schemes. The Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card offers cardholders 6% cash rebates on specified purchases.

&bullIntroductory Offers-We all like receiving special rates and promotions, such as the Pulaski Bank Gold Visa's no interest on balance transfers for 6 months.

There is an immeasurable number of credit cards available to businesses and consumers alike, some with great bonuses, some with none. are a perfect credit card pick for those who wish to save on interest each month. If you wish to reduce the rate currently attached to a card, making a call to the card issuer may save you money, as many are willing to compromise if you are serious about completing an application or are a long-standing customer. As with any credit card, one should spend with caution to avoid late fees and accrued debt.