Get your Holiday Rebates With a New Credit Card

by : Sharon

Santa Clause is coming to town and everybody is getting ready for the celebration. And to celebrate Christmas properly everyone needs to buy wonderful presents and cute decorations. And, of course, with all those sales and discounts you need to buy a little something for yourself. This year an average consumer is going to spend over $900 on holiday shopping.
Getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year is not that easy. Lucrative offers can turn your brains the way you totally forget about your budget. For many people Christmas shopping is still an emergency spending.
That is why more and more people use credit cards to make their Christmas-related purchases. The National Retail Federation states that almost one third of the shoppers use credit cards to pay for holiday-related purchases. Most consumers prefer credit card deals that give rewards and rebates for spending.
Why is it smart to use a rewards credit card for holiday shopping? Here are a few hints on why your spending is more rewarding with plastic.
Credit cards are convenient. There is no question about it. Why carry around stacks of cash or your debit card if you can always use a credit card. You can use the same plastic paying for groceries and a diamond necklace. It is also easier to keep track of your spending with a credit card bill.
Credit cards are secure. Comparing to debit cards credit cards are more protected from fraud. Moreover, under the current law all credit card holders have limited $50 liability for unauthorized transactions. All you need to do is prove that it was done by a fraudster or you were accidentally overcharged.
Credit cards give you rewards. If your credit score is good enough banks will be more than eager to enroll you in numerous bonus programs. You will get miles or points for shopping. If you spend enough money you can get great discounts and special gifts. You know you are going to spend a significant sum on gifts and decorations - why not get a little extra for the money you spend!
Credit cards give you cash. The special cards that do that are called cash back cards. For a certain amount of money you spend with your plastic you get a certain amount of dollars. The money might be added to your bank account or you may simply receive a check. Or you can request the check to be sent to a charity fund.
The best way to get great terms and conditions is to apply for a new credit card deal right before the shopping season starts. Check your credit report first and then submit an application for the offer you qualify for. With a new card you will not only receive special sign-up offers such as bonus points or gift certificates but you will also enjoy an intro-period. During those 6 or 15 months you will get 0% APR on purchases and balance transfer.
A good shopping season starts with a good credit card!