Making That Switch: Finding the Best Credit Card

by : Adam Singleton

Nobody likes to pay more than they need to for something. Whether it's a holiday or a new pair of shoes, most people like to find a bargain to ensure their money goes that extra mile.

But when it comes to credit cards, many people may not be as thrifty as they otherwise could be. Shopping for the best credit card deals is now as easy as shopping for anything else, with many financial and consumer websites now in existence purely for the purpose of comparing financial products such as loans, mortgages and credit cards.

Indeed, with the average UK household debt now in the region of ?8000 (excluding mortgages), it would seem that now is the time to compare credit cards and see where the best deals are to be found.

When searching for UK credit cards, there are certain factors worth considering when deciding whether to switch. Firstly, many credit cards will offer 0% on balance transfers for anything up to a year, meaning there are a lot of savings to be made in the first instance by doing very little.

Furthermore, many cards offer introductory deals where 0% interest is charged on all purchases for a specified set amount of time. This, combined with the 0% on balance transfers, can lead to huge savings, meaning that rather than just paying the minimum amount each month to cover the interest, payments can be made to reduce the actual overall debt.

And when seeking a new credit card online, searches can be restricted to suit the individual. For example, if a particular credit card provider is preferred, or if someone has an adverse credit rating, the search can be narrowed down to take this into account, meaning it's far easier to find the most suitable credit card deal.

As with anything though, it is always wise to check the terms and conditions when signing up to a new credit card. Although it can save a lot of money in the long-term, it's worth finding out what the situation will be when the introductory offers expire. But even then, there is always the option of switching again, if it transpires that the interest rates are excessive.

So, in the same way as someone might compare prices between two high-street retailers for the same product to secure the best deal, it is now just as easy to compare credit card deals between different financial institutions. And with the average UK household debt now higher than ever, it would seem that making that switch has never been more prudent.