How to Get Rich with Money Back Credit Cards

by : Robert Alan

Money back credit cards (otherwise known as cash back or cash rebate cards) are a great invention. They are a way for consumers to save money on every purchase that they make by getting a percentage of the purchase back from their credit card company at the end of the billing cycle. Most consumers who have a money back credit card are satisfied with this benefit. But those consumers that are really smart with their money can actually benefit a lot more from the use of their money back credit cards.

Creating a Money Back Savings Account

The way to really get a good chunk of money from your cash rebate cards is to create a savings account using the money that you get back from your purchases. Instead of just leaving that money sitting on your card, cash out and put it in a savings account at your local bank. This will allow that money to generate interest which isn't going to be the case if it's just being deducted from your outstanding balance every month. By putting the money into savings, you actually make that money useful.

Match your own Money Back

To really cause your savings to grow, you should challenge yourself to match your money back card savings each month. In other words, let's say that you spent $1000 on a card that gives you 1% back in cash. That equates to ten dollars that you've gotten from your card. You can easily find a way to pull ten dollars out of your paycheck and match that amount by adding it to your savings account. Now, just by spending money on your credit card, you've got $20 in savings. As the months go by, that's going to add up.

The key to making this work is to make sure that you select the right cash back card. There are some money back credit cards which don't actually give you the cash back but instead apply it to paying off your bill. That won't benefit you in the same way. There are also cards that advertise a certain percentage back but actually give you a lower percentage if you opt for cash instead of gift cards or other rewards. Make sure that you read the terms carefully so that you get a card that is actually going to let you cash out your rewards.

Paying off the Card

Of course, none of this is really very good if you're just racking up credit card debt. In order to really make money from your money back card, it's important that you pay off your balance in full each month. This lets you avoid paying money in interest rate fees and finance charges. The less money that you spend, the more money you're saving. By paying off charges as quickly as possible, you also free up the card for more expenses. The more frequently that you use your card and pay it off, the more quickly that cash back is going to add up.