Prevent Credit Card Fraud

by : Ruth Esther

The use of credit cards today has become more common than ever. Most stores, restaurants and even gas stations now prefer to use them. They are a convenient alternative to cash. However, even though there are numerous benefits to using a credit card, there is a danger attached to it, mainly fraud. Fraud is defined as an act of unauthorized usage of a person's identity or account in order to obtain personal gain.

Today, fraud has become more common because of the expansion of technology in terms of tracking accounts, identity stealing, and malicious use of personal details. In this regard, credit card fraud comes into place. The card holder must be more aware of the danger of improper use of credit cards. Every transaction has a potential for fraud.

You can protect yourself against credit card fraud by using these tips.
Every card user should be aware of these important safety tips:

1) Keep your credit card in a safe place.

2) This is the most basic rule; credit cards should only be used by the card owner.

3) Always keep track of your transactions; examine and compare the details. This will protect
against unauthorized transactions.

4) Do not disclose any personal information on websites, unless there is security validation.

5) Always memorize your card security PIN#, passwords, or answer to the security question necessary to access the credit card account. This will protect you against people having access to your written, personal, account information.

6) Make sure that you never give out your card number to anybody, even family members or close friends.

7) Keep an eye out, especially at stores. This is to protect yourself, and prevent a sales person from copying your card details.

8) Keep all of your credit card receipts and invoices. It is important to keep records of all of your transactions.

9) Before signing the invoice on your credit card transaction, always double check the details.

10) Always inform your credit card company about changes in your account, such as billing address, phone numbers etc. It is necessary to inform the credit card company on changes that you have made, to avoid any other person from knowing your personal account information.

It is vital to have an observing eye when it comes to your credit cards. Its important to be keep abreast of all of your transactions. By remembering the simple tips above, your credit card transactions will be safer, reliable and fraud free.