Low APR Credit Cards: Use a One-Stop Shop

by : Gordon Goodfellow

Low APR credit cards (APR means annual percentage rate) offer an attractive inducement for people to transfer current credit card balances to a new card and of course to a new financial institution. Because this is a highly effective marketing strategy for financial institutions, there is a lot of choice.

However, the sheer availability of low APR credit cards can present its own problems. How can you wade through so many possibilities to find the best real options for your particular needs? While an internet search will throw up hundreds of choices, without professional product knowledge it can be difficult to make a well considered decision.

A professional service that sorts through the various low APR credit cards on offer and presents a smaller but worthwhile selection can save you a lot of time. It can also protect you from making an expensive mistake. It would be especially beneficial if a reminder service was also offered to let you know when your introductory low rate period is coming to an end. This way you can transfer your balance to another low APR credit card to have to pay the normal interest rate.

Most of us wouldn't even think about credit card hopping to avoid high interest charges, so this very service can get us thinking in a more financially beneficial direction. Even if we have seriously thought about it, time can easily get away from us and we can find ourselves out of the introductory period before we know it.

When considering low APR credit cards, look for those with the longest introductory periods, the lowest introductory interest rates (zero is best) and the lowest balance transfer costs. Once you have decided which one to apply for you can often apply online on a website offering these comprehensive services. Once approved, you can sign up for an alert to remind you to transfer the balance from your new card to another credit card offering an introductory low rate. This way you will hopefully never have to pay interest on your credit cards again.

By taking this simple step, you will be streets ahead financially and will be in a position to become debt free much sooner if you use your interest savings to pay off your credit card balance. Look for a good comprehensive all-in-one online service that will help you do this, and the process will be far easier than you can possibly imagine.

Low APR credit cards are a great way of keeping control of our finances. Remember that the banks are there to make money out of us, so we should at least attempt to save as much as we can while not spending too much time keeping tabs on what is happening behind the scenes. As always, careful financial planning is important in our daily finances, and there is no reason why we should not look after our bank balance in the same way as we look after our skin or our diets. It's all part of living healthily.