Credit Card or Prepaid Credit Card?

by : Clint Jhonson

Most of the banks use different type of bank cards. The most common ones are the credit card, the debit card, the secure credit card, the Prepaid Credit Card and the ATM card. Each f the available cards offered have their advantages and disadvantages. For most of the people the credit card is the best card. However not everybody can get a credit card and to get a credit card with a good interest rate and smaller fees you have to have an excellent credit history. A good idea before getting a credit card is to get a prepaid card or a secured credit card.

To get a world wide known credit card like for example Visa or MasterCard, from a bank with lower interest rates you have to have at least a good credit history. If you have a good credit history you will most probably receive offers from different banks to get a credit card through them. However if your credit history is poor or bad or you do not have a credit history at all it will be more difficult for you to get a credit card. You will have to fill in many credit card applications and wait to see if you are getting approved or not. The good thing about the credit card applications is that they can be done online thus one can find in a matter of seconds if he or she is approved for a certain credit card.

The main question for a lot of people is not related to the type of credit cards available but how they can get a good credit card history or how can they improve or maintain one. Since most of the credit card applications ask you about your credit score and if you have one, you should already know that the better the credit score, the better the terms and conditions that you get with your credit card if you get approved. There are three main companies that asses your credit score and offer history credit reports. The first step towards a good credit score is paying your bills on time, making all the payments on time for a longer period of time is important for your credit score. Also if you get a credit card and use just a small amount of the money available in your credit line rather than a bigger amount, your score will be better. Also the longer your credit history is the better for your score. A fair diversity of credit cards will also help you maintain or increase a good score.

If you do not have a credit history, you should start making one because you need a good credit score not only to apply for credit cards, but also to apply for a loan for a house, a car or any other thing where you need a line of credit. Also once you get a line of credit make sure you make your payments on time and you can do this by setting automatic payments directly from your account. If you got a loan where you have to give back an fairly big amount of money each month a credit card that is prepaid can be a good thing to keep your expenditures in line and thus to avoid lowering your credit score. Also even if you get offers of applying for credit cards without having a credit score or even if you have a bad credit history, remember that in the long run having too many credit cards is not helping you get a good credit score or keep the same credit score you have.