Metro Credit Cards Rewards

by : Lisa Nichols

Metro credit cards reward you for living in or , Los Angeles and New York. Cosmopolitan cities are fun to visit but they can quickly get expensive. Travel credit cards can help make a trip more affordable and fun, so you don't have to worry about bills after the visit. Get the lowdown on metro credit cards for Los Angeles, Chicago and New York before you decide which credit card is right for your travel and living expenses this year.

Rebate Credit Cards Offer Special Rewards

Rebate credit cards provide special rewards to cardholders. These credit cards reward customers with at least one point for every dollar charged to a card. Rebate credit cards also offer many opportunities to earn bonus points. Additional points typically can be earned for shopping in specific stores or at specific types of stores. Customers can review their bonus point summary by visiting their account online or by reviewing their billing statements.

Travel Credit Cards Make Visiting Your Favorite Town Less Expensive

Travel credit cards make , NY and Chicago much more enjoyable and less expensive. If you use your rebate credit card for the town where you live or where you frequently travel on business, you'll enjoy even more rewards. The Los Angeles, Chicago and offer an additional percentage off purchases made on Tuesdays just for using the credit cards at featured vendors. In addition, cardholders get VIP access to special events when the rebate credit card is used to buy tickets. Buying movie tickets, paying the cable bill and purchasing cell phone service with a travel credit card are just a few ways to earn double points using these cards. Best of all, the points you earn for using your travel credit card don't ever expire.