Choosing A Credit Card Is Easy

by : Joseph Kenny

Each year credit card companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send out credit card offers to try to get you to apply for their particular card. It can be a little unsettling to try to choose the right one, with so many pre-approved offers. What can you do to make the decision easier? Should you just take the first reasonable offer and send in the application?

The best way to begin is to decide what you really need to use a credit card for. After you have made the decision on what purpose a credit card will serve for you, it would be a good idea to review all the card offers to find the one that fits your individual needs. What are some of the reasons to use a credit card?

Some people use a credit card in an emergency or to make a special purchase and they usually pay off the card balances. Most people, however, use their credit cards for all types of purchases and also to pay monthly bills. These cardholders will carry over balances month after month. Many cards have features and rewards that provide an incentive for the card holder to use the card for specific things so they will receive something in return. This can be a huge draw for most people, however it can be a source of irritation when you have to pay off the complete balance to earn the rewards.

If you know whether you will use your card on a regular basis or if you will just use it occasionally, will help you make a decision on which card best fits your purposes. If you consider each aspect of each card, the level of annual percentage rate (APR), the credit limit, and incentives (such as rebates, travel and rental insurance, and frequent flyer miles), you will understand which card is best for you.

The three types of credit cards offered by card companies are security, regular and premium card types. Each card has its own specific features, price, advantages and limitations.

Security cards have very small limits on their credit line, usually 200 to 300 dollars. They also usually require a security deposit to be paid by the customer, which will determine the limit on the credit line. Regular cards do not require a security deposit and they may offer some reward incentives. Regular credit cards are the most common type of card and come with higher credit lines than security cards do. The premium credit card is the top of the line card. It offers the higher credit line limit and the most incentive features and rewards. The premium card is known by the gold, platinum, and titanium designations.

If choosing a credit card is something you want to do, do not settle for the first offer you receive in the mail or read about while browsing the web. Keep in mind all the purposes this card will serve. Carefully check out all the features and incentives offered by several different card companies and compare them.