Finding a Reputable Debt Reduction Agency, not a Fraud

by : Phil Rogers

Debt Reduction can be an important tool if you are up to your neck in credit card, real estate, or tax-related debt. In order to decrease your debt, it is necessary to find a debt-reduction service that is efficient and reputable. You may choose a debt consolidation program offered by one of many agencies, in order to bring all of your debts together into one figure. Services can even be employed to reduce interest rates or waive late fees.

Choosing a Reputable Agency

Selecting a debt recovery agency is comparatively easier. But it is important to find one who can implement it legally. There are a lot of factors to be considered before hiring one. If you think that your debt situation is not one you can handle yourself, discuss the problem with a financial counselor.

A financial counselor can recommend to you some reputable companies which specialize in debt reduction; hidden fees and ambiguously-phrased contracts (which work in their favor) are a hazard when dealing with smaller or lesser-known institutions.

Please check with the Better Business Bureau before agreeing to a program from a not-so-well-known company. They may be marketing their product to sound exceptional but you need to take care to see if they are legitimate, have a license to operate and do not have any legal suits filed against them. The consumer Protection Agency or your state's Attorney General may also be helpful in attaining this information.

The Best Deal Isn't Always Low Interest

Sometimes, lower interest rates are not the best option. Consolidated credit terms should be looked over closely, because some clauses could present trouble down the road.

Explain the extent of your debt to your chosen agency, then ask about the convenient payment plans they offer. Some companies offer a no-obligation free consultation, regarding debt consolidation and/or reduction. They offer advice and guidance to help you stay out of debt. Your credit rating will improve over time.

When choosing debt consolidation, it is better to pay a large up-front fee and avoid unnecessarily high interest. If you have a good credit history and can back your loan with collateral such as your car or home, you may be able to negotiate a significantly lower interest rate. If you have a bad credit history your debt consolidation company may insist on collateral to back the loan, and how much collateral they demand will depend on how great a credit risk they consider you to be.

In conclusion, it is best to choose carefully when selecting a debt reduction or consolidation agency. You will most likely be working with them for a very long time.