I Need Debt Relief-What Can I Do?

by : Anthony Dean

If you are in debt the worst thing you can do is pretend the problem doesn't exist; if this is something you recognize then take advice from a financial counselor to regain some kind of control over your finances. It is important to recognize you have problem and decide to do something about it and seek a debt relief solution. Debt has become a major problem in many countries but it is important to reduce debt burdens seriously if you do not want to live with less worry.

Many people do not think clearly when this is going on around them but it is imperative you keep your head. Whilst many loans can end up giving you huge debts you need to plan to pay them off judiciously.

Until you sit down and create a list of all your monthly expenditure, including everything you pay money out on a regular basis, you will not have a true picture of where all your income is going. Cut the credit card purchases by introducing a habit of paying in cash as this will restrict your expenditure to the amount of cash you are carrying.

Often saving money for your debt relief; even small amounts has a beneficial psychological effect that should not be ignored. Placing restrictions on how much entertaining you do whether it is a complete stop of all restaurant meals or a dramatic reduction you will ensure your fund grows faster.

No-one really wants to increase their mortgage repayments but many homeowners see their only option is to refinance their home which can work but just increases the amount you pay in the long term. You may consider this your only option but if it is just to ensure you have extra cash in your pocket each month, which is ok, just think about whether you really need too.

Whilst not an ideal solution to paying a credit card installment, it is possible to withdraw cash to do this providing it is not looked upon as a long term plan. Where the situation is so bad that there are no other solutions, then bankruptcy should be considered but only after an in depth discussion with a debt counselor or a bankruptcy attorney.

Unfortunately, some people in debt avoid bankruptcy and resort to using their individual retirement account to help pay their debts but you are on a slippery slope if you take this route. As debt relief methods go, this one poses the greatest risk long term so be aware of the pitfalls before you proceed.