The Lowdown on the Aspire Gold Visa Card

by : Eric Wasselman

The Aspire Gold Visa Card issued by Columbus Bank and Trust is specifically designed for individuals with a poor or limited credit history, and who only need the basic functions of a credit card.

Due to the nature of this card, interest rates imposed for outstanding balances are high, with the minimum variable rates. This simply means that no matter how low the Prime Rate may get, interest rates imposed will not drop below this minimum. On top of that, the rates are tagged to the highest Prime Rate within a 90-day period making low APRs a distant fantasy.

As though these nerve-racking rates are not enough to scare intelligent folks away, the Aspire Gold Visa Card charges various fees that Regular Joes would not call "loose change." The minute your application is approved, a $150 annual fee for new accounts are imposed followed by a $29 account opening fee as well as a monthly maintenance fee of $78 per annum. All this adds up to $257 just within the first year, excluding any penalty or default fees should you be daft enough to use this card and not the outstanding balances off without fail.

On the other hand, there must be something valuable that this card has to offer in exchange for the steep fees. Well, some of the card's "additional perks" include various Internet account related activities, auto rental insurance, various travel and emergency related service, all of which are quite run-of-the-mill.

In summary, this card may not be suitable for everyone. In fact, the target market for the Aspire Gold Visa Card should be people who require just the basic credit card benefits, and who don't mind forking out $257 for it.

Users who plan to pay the minimum on their credit card charges should look elsewhere, or they will end up paying for sky-high interests. Thus, the Aspire Gold Visa would not be suited for users who miss their monthly credit card payments time and again.