The Lowdown on the HESS Gas Card

by : Eric Wasselman

Named as the HESS Platinum Visa Card, this credit card is produced to cater to people with good credit ratings from the East Coast of the United States who fill up their gas tanks and make other purchases from HESS, HESS EXPRESS and WILCO HESS store regularly.

Cardholders will earn a 1% rebate on all general purchases. However, if they make purchases at stores under the HESS umbrella mentioned earlier, they are eligible for a massive 5% rebate. Furthermore, purchases at HESS made within the first 90 days of membership are awarded with a whopping 10% rebate. Unlike many other reward cards with great rebates, the HESS Gas Card does not have a yearly limit to the amount of rebates that can be earned.

The interest rates for purchases and balance transfers on the card are reasonable while there are no annual fees imposed. At the same time, there is a six-month introductory period where purchases and balance transfers are charged 0% interest. Standard platinum cardholder benefits from Chase such as auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance of up to $500,000 and fraud protection also apply.

However the HESS Gas Card, just like everything else in life, is not perfect. The credit card utilizes the "Two Cycles Average Daily Balance" method of calculating finance charges including new purchases. With new purchases included, the cost for having the occasional balance ends up higher than if it were calculated using the "Average Daily Balance" method that most other card issuers use.

In a nutshell, the HESS Gas Card would greatly benefit those who plan to take advantage of the fabulous 10% rebate at HESS during the first 90 days and subsequently make regular purchases at HESS, while making payments in full after the introductory period expires.