Details of the GM Earnings Card Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

If you need to know the details of the GM Earnings Card Application and rates then please read on. There are many credit cards out there and so many different options to choose from. You need to choose a card that meets your needs the best. The GM Earnings Card is issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. and is basically designed for those who plan to purchase or lease a new GM car, truck, or SUV in the near future.

This is a rewards card with some great bonuses to it, particularly if you are planning on buying a new GM vehicle. If you think buying or leasing a GM is in your future, you can really take advantage of this card. The GM Earnings Card has a great reward program that offers you a choice of three different ways to redeem your rebates.

If you choose, you can triple your earnings and receive a 3% rebate on the purchase or the lease of a new GM vehicle. Or you can receive a 1% rebate toward the purchase of a non-GM vehicle. Or, if you choose, you can receive a 1% cash rebate in increments of $100. The flexibility of the rewards is one thing that attracts many people to this card. Keep in mind, however, that rebates expire in 7 years.

If you qualify, the interest rates are pretty low on the GM Earnings Card which makes it worthwhile to use on a regular basis. A downside is that this card has minimum APR caps for all transactions. This means that no matter how low the Prime Rate falls, the interest rate on your card will still not drop below that minimum cap. The GM Earnings Card has a couple of other bonuses, however.

There is no annual fee with this card and it has a 0% introductory rate for purchases and balance transfers that last the entire first 12 months that you have the card. The GM Earnings Card has some other common benefits such as various online services, lost and stolen card reporting, and no liability for unauthorized transactions.