Details Of The Advanta Life Balance Platinum Card Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

Selecting the Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card will provide you with some ideal choices and rewards. If you are looking for an affordable credit card that provides for excellent rewards, then this may just be the right choice for your needs. The Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card actually gives you some options to consider. When it comes down to it, you need options in life.

The Benefits

First off, you will have an introductory interest rate of just 2.99% on balance transfers that you make during the first three months that you get the credit line. In addition, this rate will hold until the balance transfers are paid off in full. But, when you do consider that the interest rate on this credit card is a mere 9.99%, you can easily see that there are rewards in just having it. This APR of 9.99% is variable and applies to both purchases and cash advances, something that is very unique in the credit card world. There are no annual fees and your grace period is just 20 days. The good news is that there is no maximum credit limit, which means you will get what you deserve here.


The Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card offers some excellent rewards as well. You will earn between .25% and 6% rebates. You choose how to benefit from rewards. Some options including gasoline, computer equipment, office products, building supplies, utilities and others. You earn your rebate based on how much you spend as well. For up to $10,000, you will earn .5% all the way up to 6% on purchases up to $40,000. There is no yearly limit on how much you can earn back and there is no expiration either.

To get the Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card, you will need to have excellent credit. You should consider which reward program works the best for your needs. You will be able to cash in your rebate checks when they reach $50 and use as you see fit. This is an excellent credit card both for the rewards as well as for the low interest rates.