Details Of The Sony Visa Card Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

The Sony Visa Card is the ideal type of credit card for those that have very good credit. If this is you, you will find several benefits to using this credit line. From affordable rates and the reward program, it can offer some of the choice choices for those that are interested.

The Sony Visa Card offers ideal rates. They provide for a 0% introductory rate for the first 12 months that you have the account open on purchases as well as balance transfers made in that time. When this introductory phase is over, you can take advantage of a variable APR at 13.99% on purchases and 22.74 on cash advances. A down side is the two cycles average daily balance method of calculating finance charges as this can pose to be more expensive if the individual carries a balance from month to month. There is no annual fee. You minimum credit limit will be $5000 and the maximum can be as high as $100,000 if you qualify.

The nice part of this credit card besides the rates is the rewards program. You will earn one point per one dollar spent. In addition, since it is a Sony Credit Card, you will earn three points per dollar spent on Sony products. Even better is that you will earn 8 points per dollar spent when you make purchases with the card at When you accumulate these points you can then redeem them for Sony CD's, DVD's, movie tickets, electronics and other Sony related products. The points will expire in five years and you are limited to 250,000 points. With your first purchase you will receive 1500 points.

Those that make purchases of Sony will appreciate this reward program. In addition, the low interest rates and the more than generous lines of credit allow for an ideal purchasing level. The credit card is offered to you by Chase. If you love Sony and want a unique reward program for your excellent credit, this is the credit card for your needs